Put VAT back in it’s place.

Back on your books.

Get up to 27% discount on this event by claiming your VAT back.

Ever feel like your time’s too precious to get bogged down with VAT? The trouble is, not reclaiming what you’re owed could be harming your bottom line. So here’s something to help you claim back what’s yours.

As an event exhibitor, you can now get a hand with your VAT reclaim through our partnership with Taxback International.

Taxback International are VAT reclaim specialists with a proven track record of taking all the hard work out of reclaiming foreign or domestic VAT for businesses like yours.

With different rules across EU member states about what can and can’t be claimed, a helping hand from Taxback International could save you both time and money.

If you would prefer to phone directly, please call +353 18783367 to talk to one of our VAT specialists today.